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In This magazine we would like to tell you about our trip, an enogastronomic itinerary to discover the best products made by excellent italian regional artisan.

We have to thanks our ancestors for this culinary heritage, they handed down from one generation to another the knowledge of taste that explains how the different Italian regions cookings born and developed.

We will tell you the story in order to explain how the ancestors learnt to use and work with passion and dedication the amazing land products.

Also the artisan new generation continues this ancient work and eatablished themselves as professionist and champions in pleasant flavor.

We would like to let you know, let you taste the Italian culinary products and only then you can understand the real pleasure of taste.

Most of these products are recognized Bio%, characterized by certified raw materials with hight quality (DOP DOCG DOP IGT IGP), many others will amaze you because are unkown, but thanks their flavor, they are unforgattable.

We invite you to follow us in this trip among the culinary Italian excellences. Each month, we presents typical products of an particular region with our box that contain a selection of this products. With our devices you can use these to prepare a classic Italian meal with good appetizers, main courses and delicious desserts accompanied by baked products and lovely wines.

We will travel among the typical tastes and flavors, we will taste high quality raw materials and we will discover and learn the history behind the products of Made in Italy’s excellences.

Let the Italian flavor begin.

Try the October box, you will receive a fanstastic surprise!