How the box is composed

In every box you can find products that recreate a typical Italian meal: appetizers, pasta and sauces, baked goods, desserts, lovely wines and products from the pantry.

In case of food intolerance or eating disorders, please inform us with an email.

The products are matched together every month to be tasted in the best way: you can following on our blog the “dinner of the month” and our recipes, ore you can try the products for yours amazing dishes. That we will have the pleasure to publish in the section dedicated.

In the box you will find: tasty appetizers with vegetables, processed with simple operations that keep intact the taste of the raw material, or combined with fish or meat. A great variety of pasta, some with ancient production methods handed down by the grandmothers, and others with the flour 2.0, a development that still preserves intact the quality of the materials and the artisan production.

A variety of sauces is combined with pasta, the queen of Italian gastronomy: these are presented vegan, vegetarian, but also with meats’ addition.

Many of the products that we use are 100% BIO, and many others, although not certified, can be considered as such.

We conclude the gastronomic journey in a wide variety of desserts: from biscuits to the thousand chocolate’s products, from cakes to delicious creams.

All this can be accompanied by the perfect wine, choosing the Exclusive option.

A true Italian tasting menu to discover the wonderful local recipes, but also the various uses that a Made in Italy products can have combined with international.