The region of the month

The journey to discover the food excellencies of Made in Italy starts from Piedmont.

It is a gastronomic destination rich of many culinary specialties and owes its fame to the privileged position and the pedological characteristics of the land that gives very different fruits.

Piedmont is nestled among imposing mountains, romantic lakes, pristine valleys and winding hills, which have become Unesco heritage from 2014, and here we can find some of the most famous products of Italy.

The sweet round hazelnuts are the basis of many famous sweets, the white truffles of Alba decorate the egg pastas, from the old recipe of the grandmothers, the meats are among the most valuable in the world, are cooked in fine wines such as Barolo, Nebbiolo and Arneis Doc and DOCG , and the cheeses are made with ancient methods and marry delicious compounds giving life to delicious tastes for the palate.

This colourful region was also in the middle of many currents and influences that have enriched the traditional cuisine: from the sea, through the way of salt, fish and natural preservatives, like oil and salt, that arrive in the territory have become fundamental for typical cuisine . Chocolate and pastry are from Savoia’s family, so in Turin we find various creams of Gianduia, chocolate Bunet and pralines that close the delicious circle.

A simple cuisine with refined nuances, thanks to excellent raw materials and exclusive retelling.

Discover them in October.