The fine Rouchè of Castagnole Monferrato DOCG is an autochthonous wine, very rare, producer only in a little area of Monferrato (near Asti) in a sever discrict all around Castagnole area.
In the Medieval age, some monks of Burgundy imported this sort of grape to the ancient Saint Rocco’s monastery, in this city.

They found there the right calcareous land and the sun exposure necessary to grow up this wine variety, that becoming famous all around the word for its taste and authenticity.
It necessary to wait at least 15/18 months before tasting the Rouchè in order to appreciate all its organoleptic characteristics.

Its colour is loud red with violete glaze, the parfume is lengthy, fruity and spicy. The taste is warm, intense and structured. It’s recommended to serve it at ambient temperature, even if we prefer lower temperature for some red wines.

It’s suiteable to drink whit main coureers cold cuts, meat or high-middle natured cheese like Grana Padano and the Castelmagno.

It’s avaible the Vegan version, that not using technology adjuvants of animal origin, or animal glue for the labels.

A wine to be enjoyed.