The most prized fruit that grows in the lands of Piedmont is the White Truffle (from Alba).

This is a hypogeum fungus, which is born under the earth, in symbiosis with the roots of trees that grow luxuriant in the territory of the Langhe, such as linden, hazelnuts, oaks and poplars.

The truffle, subdivided in the White precious, Black precious and Black Summer, in order of value, develops only in healthy environments, pure from pollution.

Its discovery can be traced back to the ancient Sumerians in 1600 BC. and has always been considered “the food of the gods“. From 1700 in all the Courts of Europe it was tasted like a delicacy, and in the Court of Turin the search for the truffle was organized as a much awaited recreational moment, followed by a meal based on it.

It is cut into thin strips to enhance its intense aroma and persistent scent, ideal on raw meat (albese), egg tagliatelle and risotto alla piemontese, flavored cheese and mushroom salads. Exquisite on fondue and fried eggs.

Also the Black Truffle is a delicious and versatile version with a black and wrinkled rind with small warts and whitish streaks. Its taste is enhanced in dishes based on oil, and its aromas enhanced by creaminess. It goes well with other mushrooms, cooked with roasts and with the heat does not lose its aroma. For the fillings of white meats and a delicious omelette.

Each dish created with the “king of the tubers emanates” a particular fragrance and an excellent taste, becomes a work of gastronomic art.


Why is Alba’s truffle the most famous in the world? Our lands are ideal for the growth of this diamond, making its appearance round and irregular, its color is cream with greyish veins, while its scent is persistent and intense, unmistakable.


For the daring, here are some original recipes to try with the truffle:

Arancini with ricotta and white truffle

Potatoes with white truffles

Beef fillet with porcini mushrooms and white truffle

Moscato Eggnog with White Alba Truffle


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