For the summer recipe…


We propose a completely vegan box, the Basic Box


Sun-dried tomatoes.



Artichokes with herbs



Prepared for zucchini omelette.



Chickpea flour.



Pesto with DOP basil.



Pasta Veg&Bio.



Rosemary tongues.



Blueberry compote.



Peaches with wine.



Veg hazelnut cream.



In the Box Premium we have made some changes.


-We have replaced veg pasta with…





… And we added



“Ugly but good” halzenuts cookies



Raspberries covered in chocolate



And as always, in the Exclusive Box you will find



The wine of the month, Arneis a delicate white wine to drink as an aperitif or in the meal, to refresh the palate.


And a delicious taste of our best tuna.



Get ready to sunbat.  Let it be this month fantastic!